Colin A Grant
     Maker, Restorer and Retailer
   of Longcase / Grandfather Clocks

Located south of the cathedral city of Norwich, Norfolk. Having spent over twenty years in research and rediscovering the correct techniques needed to reproduce  fine examples of the best clocks ever made in England, which are correct in every detail. Crafting handmade and hand polished cabinets using traditional hardwoods and figured veneers together with antique restored movements and individually designed hand engraved dials. This clock is a typical example of George III period London Pagoda, produced in the Norwich workshop.
Having learnt the skills needed to produce such clocks, much time is spent in restoring and repairs of examples which are suffering from the ravages of time, each one sympathetically restored to its original splendour.
Always available for immediate sale is a wide selection of Longcase / Grandfather Clocks, dating from the 18th century through to the present day, restored and working, and all at extremely competitive prices.....

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